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From way back in 1972, when I was a college freshman writing occasionally about the George McGovern presidential campaign for the Brown (University) Daily Herald: “GOP Win: Goodbye to the New Deal Coalition?,” November 6, 1972.

Some favorites from over the last few years:

On financial history:

Book reviews:

On Boss Tweed and J. Edgar Hoover:

On politics from Roll Call and Huffington Post:

  • “History Shows That This Year’s Senate Flip Isn’t Really Unprecedented.”Roll Call, June 21, 2001.

On running and diving:

  • “An Innocent’s Journey through Sports Medicine.” (Pg. 1)(Pg. 2)(Pg. 3) Washington Weekly, July 1984.

On agriculture and law:

On government process:

On CFTC and Derivatives Regulation:

  • “International Links: A Regulator’s View.” (Pg.1)(Pg.2)The Journal of Commerce, October 1983. (Assisted CFTC Chairman Phillips).
  • “SEC, CFTC Set Stage for Transformation of Markets.” (Pg. 1)(Pg. 2)Legal Times of Washington, February 1982.

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