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Writing history, especially overlooked eras like the Gilded Age or the post-World War I Red Scare, has been a passion of mine for almost two decades. I hope my Web site will give you the chance to share it.

When not writing, I practice law at OFW Law, Washington’s D.C.’s premier firm for agriculture, food and drug, medical devices, FDA, and health care, providing Creative Solutions to Difficult Problems.

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March 31st 2020

  • Upcoming talk about Meyer Amshel Rothschild:  Even wonder how the original founder of the Rothschild banking empire got started, living in a ghetto in Frankfurt, Germany, where they locked the Jew inside every night?  Come hear my talk at Congregation Etz Hayim in Arlington, Virginia, Sunday morning, March 15, at 10:15.
  • Latest Workshop at the Writers Center: Working on a new book?  Looking for inspiration?  Now underway: my annual Writers Center workshop on Narrative Nonfiction: History and Biography.   Here’s the link.
  • Latest on C-SPAN: I was very proud to appear at Washington, D.C.’s Newseum with C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb to discuss The Presidents, C-SPAN’s terrific new book on presidential rankings, best and worst. Chick here for the full video. Enjoy.
  • And check out (below) this cool interview on my Trotsky book with Bookman’s Corner TV.

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