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Writing history, especially overlooked eras like the Gilded Age or the post-World War I Red Scare, has been a passion of mine for almost two decades. I hope my Web site will give you the chance to share it.

When not writing, I practice law at OFW Law, Washington’s D.C.’s premier firm for agriculture, food and drug, medical devices, FDA, and health care, providing Creative Solutions to Difficult Problems.

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What’s New

November 30th 2021

  • Foodie Article: Check out my latest from B’nai B’rith Magazine, “In Search of Kreplach: More Than Just Jewish Ravioli.”     
  • Next Workshop:  I’ll be teaching my annual seven-week winter workshop on “Narrative Nonfiction: History, Memoir, and Biography” at the Writers Center starting Tuesday night, January 25., 2022.  Check it out here.
  • New TitleETHEL’S TAPE.  Check out this quirky new history by me and Jim Hershberg on our own family’s odyssey from 1920s Eastern Europe to New York’s Lower East Side and all the strange places in between.   It’s not what you think.
  • Recent Podcast:  A big thank you to the Most Notorious true-crime podcast for having me on to talk about Boss Tweed.   Tweed is definitely having a renaissance this year.  Here’s the link.
  • Now AvailableBoss Tweed Ears Edition!!   Check out the new  audio book version of BOSS TWEED: The Corrupt Pol Who Conceived the Soul of Modern New York, available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, or wherever you prefer to get your audiobooks. Here’s a sample-
  • And check out (below) this cool interview on my Trotsky book with Bookman’s Corner TV.