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Ethel's Tape

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Ethel’s Tape, that tells the true, unvarnished tale of how my mother’s side of the family came to America in the 1920s, based on an old recording of my mom, Ethel Ackerman, chatting into a tape machine almost 60 years after the fact.  Family stories always come with secrets, the kind parents never tell and never pop up on  In our family, we got lucky.  Ethel spilled the beans, and it’s a story packed with energy and surprises.  Available on Amazon via our own Viral History Press; or

Horse Radish CoverRadish: Jewish Roots, my Aunt Rachel Farber’s poignant, funny, brutally frank memoir of the Ackerman side of the family and its immigrant experience, from their own tiny Poland/Russia town of Madle-Borzyce to busy early-Twentieth Century America, to marriage, heartache, and finding peace amid chaos.  “I laughed so hard I forgot to cry,” said the cover blurb.  “This story is about living hard times and finding humor in dire places — the things that keep us sane.”


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