Unfair to General Churchill??

Some of you thought I was unfair to General Marlborough Churchill, chief of US Military Intelligence 1918-1920, when I referred to him as The Official Slanderer in my post a few days ago: http://coffeewithken.blogspot.com/2010/02/official-slanderer.html Well, on this one, I stick to my guns.
As Exhibit One, I give you, as a sample, one of the many reports issued by Churchill’s MID on Eastern Ruropean Jews. (Click on it for full size to read it clearly.)  If you don’t consider this to be official anti-Semitism, please say so. The paper, on “Jewish Migration to USA” and dated November 1920, was written for General Churchill by a Major T.W. Holloway and decribed why Jewish immigration would be “a serious menace to our civilizaiton.” Take a look–

One thought on “Unfair to General Churchill??

  1. I have always wondered about the motivation behind the Jewish-Italian relationship in organized crime. I wonder if they shared a hatred so profound because of their treatment in what they must have found to be a "hypocritical" America. The streets were lined with gold, but only if you were a WASP.
    My great-grandmother usually sat with Jack Diamond's mother in Shul. My grandfather also had a nice business in making bottles, especially the kind that were stamped legal for alcoholic beverages.
    I wonder if there is Robin Hood complex that these men shared. Many people looked at Jesse James in the same way 40 years ago.
    This might explain Meyer Lansky's ability to link the Jews with the Italian crime families, since The Italians felt the same way towards the ruling class.
    The gangs they replaced were Irish, who originally immigrated here in the mid-1800's. The Irish might not have been concerned because they were now politicians and policemen, who would get a cut of the illegal business anyway.
    It's not hard to push this thought into black history with the Cribbs and the Bloods. Maybe this getting even feeling is a driver behind rap music. Black kids don't purchase the music because they live it everyday. White suburban kids purchase it to show rejection of the country's lack of fairness and discrimination?

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