Audio Clips

Podcast episode with Most Notorious, on Boss Tweed, September 28, 2020.  Click here to download.

Interview with B’nai B’rith Podcast, on early days in 1840s New York, December 6, 2018.

Interview with Takoma Radio on Trotsky in New York, September  5, 2016

NCIS Wrap 03.30.2016

Interview with NPR’s “On Point,” November 9, 2011

Interview with NPR’s”Bryant Park Project” on Boss Tweed, April 2008

Interview with Leonard Lopate (WNYC – NPR) on Young J. Edgar Hoover, New York, July 2007

Interview with NPR’s “On Point” on Boss Tweed, April 2005

Interview with NPR’s “All Things Considered” on Dark Horse, July 2003

Panel at NY Historical Society with Mayor Ed Koch and Pete Hamill on Boss Tweed, April 2006