Own Clyde Tolson’s actual apartment ! Yes, this is FOR REAL !!

The Marlyn building, 3901 Cathedral Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. — just a short walk from J. Edgar Hoover’s own home on 30th Place, NW.

Yes it’s true.  The actual apartment of Clyde Tolson, long-time friend, companion, associate (and more?) of long-time FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, is now for sale and your’s for the tantalizing, reduced price of $379,900.  Thanks to our friend Ryan Stroschein for sending us the link to this amazing real estate listing.  Here’s how the agent describes it:

Hoover and Tolson with matching hats, 1950s.
          “Reduced 14K!  Historic 2 BR condo 
             w/ updated kitchen & Ba.  In
             James Goode’s book Best Addresses”
             Unit 515 @ The Marlyn was a long
             term residence of FBI Dir. J. Edgar
             Hoover’s closest colleague – Assoc.
             Dir. Clyde Tolson.  The unit 
             has a sense of openness & old world
             charm w/ a DR leading to step    
             down LR w/ a picture window
             to  enjoy sunset views. Garage
             pking & storage unit. Pets OK.”

And yes, the apartment is just a short walk or drive from Hoover’s own home during the period on 30th Place, NW.

Interested?  Here’s a link to the real estate listing with lots of photos.  Happy shopping !!

J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson — the actual photos

The new film J. Edgar takes the well-known relationship between long-time FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (Leonardo diCaprio) and his long-time FBI number-two Clyde Tolson  (Armie Hammer) and develops it into a major theme.   What do we actually know about it?  Hoover and Tolson worked together more than 40 years.  They traveled together on vacation and official business, rode to work together, shared lunch nearly every day at Washington’s Mayflower hotel and sometimes even wore matching suits. 

Hoover, at his death, left Tolson most of his estate. Their relationship, by all appearances, was stable, discreet and long-lasting. But what they did physically behind closed doors, if anything, they kept between them.

Photos like these from the 1930s of Hoover and Tolson together, however, tell a story:

Hoover and Tolson are in the middle, wearing matching suits.
Hoover and Tolson attending a prize fight in New York City. 

Again, Hoover and Tolson stand in the middle, with matching suits and spats.

Hoover sits at his desk, and Tolson stands directly behind him, hand on Hoover’s chair.
Hoover and Tolson on vacation.

Tolson and Hoover, as played by Leonardo DiCaprio (on right) and Armie Hammer (on left).